Jazz Appreciation Month

April is Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM), and Musicians at Play is excited to celebrate and pay tribute to this uniquely American art form. This year we want to celebrate by sharing videos of your favorite songs and performances by your favorite jazz artists. Just submit your videos, and we’ll share them through our social media networks including a YouTube playlist, and a dedicated page on the Musicians at Play website on April 30th (International Jazz Day!).

Submission Guidelines

1. Anyone may submit a video. It can either be one with you as the artist, or a shared video of your favorite artist.

2. Please upload only videos you have the right to use. If you have a favorite performance or music video that has already been uploaded by an artist to their channel, you may share this link, but please indicate that when submitting.

3. No explicit content.

How to Upload Your Video to YouTube

1. If you don’t already have one, you will need to open a YouTube account in order to upload your video.

2. Upload your video to YouTube, and send the video link to: info@musiciansatplay.org.
Please include the Artist’s Name, Song Title, Date, and Location.

3. Once your video has been uploaded, a prompt will appear indicating the link where your video will reside. Just copy and paste! If the video has already been uploaded, simply hit the “share” button under your video, copy the link and paste!

How to Submit a Video Outside of YouTube

1. Submissions can be made without a YouTube account by submitting a link from another streaming service such as Vimeo. Please note that we will not be able to add these submissions to the YouTube playlist.

2. Submissions can also be made by e-mailing the video file to info@musiciansatplay.org. Once the files have been received, they will be uploaded directly to our YouTube channel. As a reminder, please submit only those videos you have the right to use. You will also need to provide additional information for all video credits (film, edit, production, etc.).

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